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Spotlight Green Online catalogues per country and business sector is a website that is focused on Sri Lanka, with its own blog, useful links, and tips on how to help the Sri Lanka go green.

Do join the debate, write your own blog, attend Green Talks with Business and list your green products and sustainable services on the site.


'Together let's help Sri Lanka go green'

" is now the largest online Green Product and Services directory in the world!  But in a world where so much interaction is done online, we believe there is still great value in face to face seminars - not big events with high costs, hundreds of booths and thousands of attendees, but events that have a more personal and intimate approach and are tailor-made to specific industries."

Tim Worthington CEO

Green Talks with Business are face to face seminars for Sri Lanka's green sectors and showcase a mix of information, product displays, and an exchange of dialogues leading to ideas and solutions.

Green Talks are tailor-made presentations with interactive dialogue, this leads to greater adoption of sustainable concepts and drives innovation in industries and this can make a big impact in helping our world go green.

Join the Zureli Database of companies, products & services.


The worlds largest directory of its kind, listing green products, eco-friendly services & cool ideas.

Today’s consumers are increasingly savvy about green issues and are more likely to engage with businesses that are perceived as sustainable.

A sense of corporate responsibility and commercial imperative is now driving this agenda across most sectors of industry.

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If you have a product or service that is helping the environment, then please list on our database.


This is a free service that we offer, so do take advantage of. Just click on the link below and we will set up your account you can be seen just in Sri Lanka or globally! provides a free listing on the website for all companies that offer sustainable solutions, as well as green associations & government bodies.

Click here to set up a free account; if your product, service or association is helping our environment, then do join us.

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Sri Lanka's very own blog!


Tips tricks for going green and links to NGO's and green organisation in Sri Lanka


'Together let's help the world go green.'

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